With over thirty years of experience in the telecommunications industry, DYNACOM has built up a solid foundation of expertise in state of the art and legacy voice communications technologies from PBX to the latest in Voice Over IP. DYNACOM will guide you through the maze of choices that are available to you today. We’ll lay out a plan to handle immediate issues with your current voice communications system, and we’ll build a road-map that will take you to the next level so that your organization is fully prepared to handle future growth and expansion. Because DYNACOM is an unbiased consultant, we’ll provide an objective analysis of your options, help you make the right choices, and assist you in negotiating favorable pricing.

Whether it’s designing your new PBX or VoIP system, helping you create a call center that delivers superior customer service, or analyzing your technology infrastructure needs for your WAN network encompassing local, long distance, Internet, or point-to-point, you can count on DYNACOM to step in and manage your next voice communications project while your busy staff focuses on their daily demands.

DYNACOM’s Telecommunication Services Include:

Strategic Planning — Short, medium and long-range planning for systems platforms, network requirements, budgets, timelines, return on investment.

PBX Design, Recommendation and Implementation — Objective needs analysis, budget preparation, calculation of return on investment, RFP specifications, successful system implementation.

Voice Over IP (VoIP) — Design and implementation of enterprise networks and on-premise equipment.

Call Center Consulting — Manage revenue objectives, effective flow design to maximize customer satisfaction efficiently and economically, call center technologies.

Technology Infrastructure Consulting — Data and telecommunications infrastructure design and installation.

WAN Network Design — Efficient, economical, and disaster resilient network design for single to multi-office national and global networks; includes local, long distance, Internet, point-to-point and virtual private networks (VPN).

Phone System Relocation—PBX moves, cabling requirements, server room/data center moves, floor plans, as-built drawings, telephone company orders, Internet/WAN requirements, project management, budget creation and tracking.

Telecommunications Management — Voice communication management services on a contract basis.

If you are not ready to upgrade at this time, we can help resolve problems with your existing phone systems to extend its life, usability and locate new PBX vendors if required.